Saturday, 10 October 2015

The 'My Hogwarts Story' Tag

I have found this funny tag on Danielle’s blog: Underland to Wonderland . She came up with it and I immediately wrote it down on my blog post to do list, because I just love Harry Potter. I had a lot of posts lined up, that’s why it’s only ip now.

Doing this tag felt like finally receiving my Hogwarts letter, so here we go!!!


Are you Pure Blood, Half Blood or Muggle Born?
Muggle Born!

Which wand chose you (what is is made of)?

Did you take an Owl, Cat, Toad or Rat with you?
An owl, I love these animals, so pretty, clever and strong! Plus I love writing letters, so it’s easier to have my own one. I’m not a big fan of cats and I hate rats!

Where did the Sorting Hat place you?

What house did you want to be in?
I always wanted to be in Gryffindor and I think I have some Gryffindor in me, but it was totally clear that I’m a Rawenclaw, I couldn’t be a more typical one! ;)

Which lessons are your favorite and least favorite?
My favorites are Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration.
My least favorite is Care of Magical Creatures, not a big fan... or Herbology, not my kind of subject.

The form your Patronus takes is...
A dolphin, I love the water and I adore this animal!

When confronted with a Boggart, what does it look like to you?
Spiders, I hate these creatures!

Do you partake in any school sports or magical hobbies?
Quidditch, I’m a chaser! And reading ;)

If you have free time, where would you be found hanging out?
Outside on the Quidditch field or by the lake with a book. When it’s raining in the library.

You are most likely to get detention for what?
Walking around after curfew I guess ;)

What career do you want after leaving Hogwarts?
Professor for either Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration. I love teaching!


  1. This is great. Love Harry Potter.

    1. Thanks lovely! Would love to see your answers as well x

  2. Oh my god this is one of my favorite posts I've seen in a while. I am obsessed with Harry Potter things, so seeing your answers was so interesting :) Seriously, great post!

    1. Awww, thank you! I loved answering the question. Would love to see your answers, let me know when you do the tag. Simona xx

  3. Can't wait to do this tag!! Loved reading your answers!! :D xxx

    1. Thanks hun, can't wait to see yours xxx