Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Day We Disappeared – by Lucy Robinson

My own copy
Original Cover

The blurb:

Annie has a secret. But if she's not going to tell, we won't either. It's a heart-breaking secret she wishes she didn't have - yet Annie isn't broken, not quite yet. Especially now there's someone out there who seems determined to fix her.

Kate has run away. But she's not going to tell us why - that would defeat the point of running, wouldn't it? It's proving difficult to reinvent herself, however, with one person always on her mind.

Scratch beneath the surface and nobody is really who they seem. Even Annie and Kate, two old friends, aren't entirely sure who they are any more. Perhaps you can work it out, before their pasts catch up with them for good . . .

A gripping and unpredictable story of two young women running from their pasts. We defy you to guess the twist . . .

My Opinion:

I've been excited about this books for weeks and weeks. Finally it was our on ebook and I was able to download it, I didn't start it immediately, I saved it for my journey to Florida. Lucy got me hooked from the start and I degoured every second of this book. I will definitely buy this as a pape back, because first of all it was brilliant and second of all the cover is stunning!!!

Kate and Annie are old friends and we get to read about both their stories. The chaoters vhange from Annie to Kate and back. This gives the stiry a great miscture, but whenever I was reading about one of them, I missed the other one. Both women have difficult past, that's why Annie keeps it as a secret and Kate just runs away! This gives the book a mysterious spark, which I really enjoyed.

In the story a lot changes for both of themand they can finally see some sunshine again.
And then: Lucy left me totally SPEECHLESS!! Un unexpected twist takes this brilliant novel to a whole different level. You're a genius Lucy!

Lucy's style of writing has always been kne of my faves, it's funny, hilarious, clever, warm, catchy, young, down to earth, fresh and also reaklly deep, heartbreaking and emotional, this comes across in this book really well. The storyline and all the ideas are genuine, realistic and it all flows perfectly. I felt like being there with the characters, so vivid and detailed

I really liked Annie's friends in this story, a great bunch and they also had their own story to tell, which is always wonderful.
What the characters go through in this book is heavy, emotional and so close to the heart, i wanted to be there for them and help.

The ending is wonderful as well. This is definitely a story I won't forget, just pure genius, a masterpiece!!!! You surprise me everytime Lucy, you're stories are incredible and unique.
This is definitely one of the best books of this year, a must read!!!


My possible cast:

Annie: Emma Stone

Kate: Jane Levy

Lucy Robinson on Twitter: @Lucy_Robinson

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