Sunday, 19 January 2014

My Single Friend - by Jane Costello

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The blurb:

Four bad dates. Three sassy women. Two inseparable friends. And one way too successful makeover . . .
Lucy Tyler and Henry Fox have been best friends since primary school. So when he enlists her help to embark on an image makeover, she and her friends Dominique and Erin approach the project with relish. As well as the haircut and fashion overhaul, there are master classes in flirting and seduction.
But none of the girls imagine at the start of ‘Project Henry’ quite how successful it’s going to be. After a shaky start, Henry’s transformation from Lucy’s terminally single friend to an irresistible sex god takes on a life of its own. And Lucy isn’t at all sure she likes it.
It would help if her dates were more successful. Only, between breaking someone’s arm during a YMCA routine and leaving another in casualty, courtesy of an errant chopstick, they’re anything but. With a romantic history like that, is it any wonder Lucy starts to despair when she finds herself living with the man of everyone else’s dreams?

My Opinion:

What a great book!!! Loved it from the first minute onwards.

It was great to read about Henry’s transformation into a sexy and attractive man and I was only waiting for the moment, when Lucy was falling in love with her best friend, or let’s say, when she realised it.
It was clear to me, that Henry was in love with her and he almost told her.

He really sounds like the perfect man, almost to good to be true. Well, his first attempts of flirting are a bit shaky, but then he gets them all. Why does Lucy feel jealous? He starts going out with several women and becomes a real Macho. Lucy of course doesn’t like that. Then one night, the two of them decide to have a night in and she cooks for him. They cuddle up on the sofa and then they kiss... Henry stops, because he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Things are really awkward between them afterwards. jane found a great way to share all these moments with us, the writing is so gripping.

Lucy wants to tell him about her feelings several times, but she never does, because he has bigger news... He starts going out with one of her friends (Erin) and her other friend Dominique really thinks, that Erin is in love Henry. Out of the blue Henry announces, that he will going traveling for over a year with Erin and some of her friends. Lucy cannot believe it and is sooooooo sad. There is a lot going on in the story, but it’s never to much. Jane really understands how to create an interesting storyline and there was always some drama, which I consider very important in a novel, to make it fascinating and exciting. 
When Lucy’s mom is in hospital, the day is there: Henry is leaving. Will it be too late?

The last few scenes were just so adorable and seemed so real, loved every single word and I was curious about how the characters decided to share their feelings. 

Erin and Dominique were such goods friends and I loved who they were included in the story. All the characters seemed so lively and were well described. 

I loved reading this book. It was so funny, romantic and full of interesting dates, talks and trips. I was waiting for them to get together, but I know there were still so many pages to read, so I had to wait! Well, it was worth it!!! 



My possible cast:

Lucy: Emma Stone

Henry: Colton Haynes

Dominique: Blake Lively

Erin: Leighton Meester

Jane Costello on Twitter: @janecostello

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  1. Great Review! This book definitely looks like my cup of tea so I might just have to have a read x

    1. Thanks Chloe, it's great I'm sure you'll enjoy. Nice to meet to by the way ;) x

  2. I hadn't heard of Jane Costello before reading this post. Her books sound such fun! Thanks for the heads-up, Simona.