Sunday, 4 February 2018

If I wasn't a teacher...

In my last post I talked about the dream jobs I had as a child. Today I am naming a few jobs that interest me now. I love being a teacher, but there are other things that fascinate me too.

Being a translator fascinated me as a child already. I still really like the idea, but I wouldn’t translate everything. My dream would be books probably.

Speaking of books. Working in the publishing world would be really interesting or being an author.

Traveling is a big passion of mine and doing something in that field would be fabulous. Something like testing luxury hotels or guided tours through one of my fave cities. There are endless possibilities. I know bloggers travel a lot, but that wouldn’t be something I want. I find that their way is not genuine and real.

I’d still love the be a musical actress and sing with Aaron Tveit ;). I love singing and performing, so I definitely wouldn’t say no to that. Generally doing something with music appeals to me, musical therapy or writing songs.

Interior design is still very interesting to me, so working in that field would be very interesting, maybe even going into real estate.

How about you, what would you do, other than your current job?

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