Wednesday, 31 January 2018

My dream jobs as a child

I recently filled out one of these friendship books for one of my students. One of the questions in there, was the dream job. Right then I remembered that the first time (I was about 7 years old) I had to fill out one of these, I wrote TEACHER. Now 20 years later, I actually am a teacher.

It was my first dream job, when I was a child. After that these changed every year. It’s always funny to see what kids want to be in their future.

The things I wanted to after teacher are very different from each other.

We went to Italy every year, to the same hotel at the beach and because I love the beach so much I wanted to own a hotel somewhere by the sea.

I have always loved languages, so it’s not surprising I wanted to be a translator, preferably for a big international company. I was really impressed with the UNO office in Geneva, so I really wanted to work there. I still have the books I bought there.

I started ballet, when I was 5 years old and then switched to modern jazz and jazz. Standing on stage and dancing was always a little dream. The dream of being on stage in a West End or Broadway show only started when I started choir (high school) and my mom took me to London to see Les Mis.

When my mum decorated the house, I always liked watching her. Whenever we changed something in our house (sofa, shelves etc.) I gave my opinion, so the dream of becoming interior designer started.

Last but not least, we have the land of television. I didn’t want to be an actress, but work behind the scenes was always really fascinating to be. Generally, the field of media and communication appealed to me.

Being a translator was probably the strongest of all my dreams.

When I finished high school and had to decide what to do, I had no idea. My list of things to study was endless. Luckily, the right internship came along and then I knew pretty quickly.

I actually didn’t have great teachers in my primary school career, so you could say it’s a bit surprising. On the other hand, you can just say I want to be a better teacher than them.

What were your dream jobs as a child?

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