Sunday, 14 February 2016

Hopelessly Devoted to #GreaseLive - Review

About the show:

Grease: Live is a television special that was originally broadcast by Fox on January 31, 2016. It was a live, televised adaptation of the 1971 musical Grease, produced by Marc Platt, directed by Thomas Kail, and starring Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit and Vanessa Hudgens.
Patterned on similar live television musicals that had recently been produced by NBC, the production incorporated elements and songs from both the original stage musical and the 1978 film version of Grease, as well as additional songs that were not present in either. In an effort to emulate the "energy" of a theatrical setting, live audiences were incorporated into the production's stagings. Grease: Live was broadcast from Warner Bros. Studios, utilizing two soundstages and the studio's outdoor backlot—the usage of the latter was notably affected by rain in the Los Angeles area on the day of the broadcast.
Critical reception to Grease: Live was positive, with particular praise to the overall atmosphere and production style of the presentation, as well as the performance of Vanessa Hudgens as Betty Rizzo—the special was dedicated in the memory of Hudgens' father, who had died from cancer one day prior to the broadcast.

My opinion:

When I saw all about #GreaseLive I got really excited. You all know that I am a big musical fan and Grease is just one of these classics. I saw it more than ten years ago in Switzerland and I loved it. I have seen the movies too, but somehow don’t remember too much. I love the songs and the music: so much fun, bubbly and awesome!!! I know most oft hem off by heart.

The highlight o fit all is Aaron Tveit. He is my favourite musical actor, I adored him in Les Mes and after seeing him live in Assassins I adore him even more. He is so talented and just amazing. I was also excited when I saw that Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens were going to be part of it.

Now I just had to figure out, when and how to watch it. Live wasn’t an option from  Switzerland, so I watched it a few days later online.

I don’t even now where to start this review… maybe be saying that IT WAS AWESEOME!!!

At the start we see Danny and Sandy by the sea, it’s the perfect opening scene. Then the camera zooms away and the fun begins. Jessie J began to sing, walking through the studio and also outside. There was the audience cheering and all the actor having fun. It’s incredible what they did. The whole studio with settings and different locations meant fast changes for the cast and crew. At times they had to run, catch a “golf cart” and go to the next scene. At all worked perfectly. It’s unbelievable how much organisation, planning and rehearsals that needs. Having the audience there live meant seeing their reaction, I really liked that. In between there were some little behind the scenes parts, which were great and gave a little insight.

I’m not talking about the story too much, since you guys all know it. The actors did an amazing job. Julianne and Aaron being my favourites. Julianne is an incredible actress and singer, she really rocked it. So did Aaron Tveit, I can never get enough of him. I have so much respect for Vanessa Hudgens. Her dad died they day before and she just rocked it!!!! They other actors, actresses, dancers etc. also did an awesome job. A talented bunch, that played beautifully together.

As you know, I love the songs and they all did a wonderful job singing them, but they way they acted just made it even more emotional and true. The choreographies are just out of this world!!!

The set design and the costumes were om spot as well. There was so much energy and passion “on stage” (what would be the right expression here?!).

So all in all: I’M HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO #GreaseLive!!!!


  1. This was so good, the cast were amazing. It definitely made me love Aaron Tveit even more, the set was so gorgeous too! Great post x

  2. I just caught up on this and LOVED it! Most of the casting was spot on and I loved the fact that they included some of the songs from the musical which weren't in the film. Great post!


    1. Thank you for your comment, glad you liked my post :) xx