Saturday, 13 February 2016

Harry Potter Bucket List

If you have read my blog in January you know that I love making Bucket Lists. You probably also know that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so why not combine the two. I actually found this list on the internet and picked my faves, might have added a few as well. I’m actually surprised I haven’t done some of them yet. Here is the link: and now enjoy.

-       Make butterbeer and try other Harry Potter recipes

-       Receive a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter: Etsy has lots of great costum-made ones ;)

-       Read your tea leaves: could be fun ;)

-       Make the Ultimate Harry Potter Pilgrimage: visit all the places connected to HP, at least   I have finally managed King’s Cross and I’ve been tot he Great Hall in Oxford. Here is a list:

-       Discover Your Own Amortentia Scents

-       Interact With the Queen (J.K. Rowling): On twitter of course, I have tried it before, but no reaction so far

-       Play Quidditch Pong

-       Collect Every Chocolate Frog Card

-       Get Through an Entire Pack of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

-       Listen to the Series: I have started this, I’m actually listening to it right now

-       Meet a Cast Member: Preferably Tom Felton! Or Emma Watson

-       Show Off Your Witchy Side With HP Gear: Getting a HP phone case is still a plan

-       Read the Academic Harry Potter Literature

-       Watch Every Harry Potter Film in a Single Day

-       Visit Warner Bros Stadio Tours in London

-       Universal Studios Orlando for the HP experience

What is on your HP bucket list?


  1. Aw I loved this! Have you ever visited lacock abbey in Wiltshire? They do filming there!!! I would also love to meet Tom Felton haha, a girl can dream x

    1. I haven't been no! Will def put in on my list! He was always my fave <3
      Thanks for your comment xx