Saturday, 20 June 2015

What Inspires Me...

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The kids at school: Working with kids everyday is fascinating. They are full of energy, passion and creativity. I can talk to everything about them. Children are honest and so much fun. When I came back from my holidays in Florida, I told them about the hockey game I saw and I ended up teaching them about the NHL and ice hockey in general. Of course I didn’t mention Tyler Seguin, just talked about talented players ;) The children have interesting hobbies and when they talk about their favourite things, they are so passionate. It gives me great ideas and I love seeing the world from their point of view.

Family and Friends: Talking to my family and friends always opens up new angles and directions. We talk about personal things and there is a lot of gossip included as well. There are a few people I’d like to mention here: my mum, Aven Ellis, Maryline, Jenny Marston, the Beta Baes and my ladies from da club. It’s always so much fun with you ladies and I’m inspired by you everyday.

Books: Well, I’m a bookblogger and I love books and the unique and special stories in books introduce me to new people, cultures and more. Authors are talented and brilliant and give me a lot of ideas and creativity. Their stories make my reflect on the world and certain topics…

Traveling: Traveling to countries all over the world introduces you to new cultures, people and ways of living. Sightseeing, talking to locals and trying different food, it’s all part of discovering something new and making it part of your life in a way.

Home: The village I live in is not that big, but it's surrounded by wonderful nature,
mountains and a lake. The closest city is called Zug and there we have a lake as well. Going for walks or just walking around in the city opens up so many things. It allows me to relax and forget about everything for a while. It's kind of like clearing my mind and then I'm ready to let things in again, things that give me inspiration and ideas. The sunsets here are so beautiful, I could look at them all the time, it always reminds me, of how lucky I am to live here. 

Music: Songs and melodies can have a great impact. They have an intense effect on people’s feelings, covering funny, heart breaking and touching topics. The way artists interpret the songs and make a story out of it plays an important role in it. Music definitely opens up creative little ideas in my head.

Fashion: Colours, patterns, material, cutes… Fashion has so many different angles and there is something for everyone. I like the elegant casual combination. I love to combine pieces of clothing and be experimental.

Dreams: I don’t remember my dreams that often, but the always give me great ideas about stories. Funnily enough, I remembered a lot of them, when I was traveling in Florida ;) I have beginnings for books or short stories, based on some of my dreams. I had the beginning of a story and then I kind of came up with the rest. One day, when I worked as a teacher for a few years, I definitely plan on writing a book. 
Dreams can also have a different meaning of course ;) It's the dreams you have for your own life and speaking for myself I can say that they give me inspiration, motivation and strength every day. 

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