Thursday, 30 April 2015

Liam O’Dell: The Educational World of Music

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The link between music and education has always been disputed, but it does exist. From the mythical ‘Mozart effect’ to the power of music on people mentally, music is an exciting and intriguing entity. Whether you’re listening to music or playing it, melodies and lyrics can incite emotions, and encourage the learning of new skills.

Personally, I am a drummer, and I’ve definitely learned a lot over my nine years of playing. Beforehand, my hand-eye co-ordination was rubbish and I’d never stood up (you play the drums sitting down but you know what I mean) and performed to a large audience before. Now, music is a performing art and I’ve performed to audiences of various sizes. As for the co-ordination aspect, the ability to do more than four things at once has definitely helped!

OK, so I appreciate not everyone plays a musical instrument, so what benefits does music provide to avid listeners? Well, that’s more emotive. Music always has the ability to make us feel different feelings, but as well as that, the lyrics and style gives us an insight into culture and ideas that we may not have known about before.

So no matter whether you play or listen to music, it still has a strong impact on your life, right? Music has always been cemented in culture, and it should be celebrated!

What do you think about music? Do you listen to music, or do you play it? Comment below!



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