Saturday, 4 April 2015

A bookish, musical and shopping inspired weekend in London

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Piccadilly Circus by night

March 27 was a very special day for me. I got up in the morning, went to school, taught four lessons and then went down tot he city to have some lunch. After that I took the train to the airport. Since I already checked in the night before I went directly through security and bought some chocolaty presents at the duty free store. After that I had a coffee in the big airport lounge café. At the gate I started reading Ivy Lane by Cathy Bramely, the perfect bookish start to my London trip. Well, then the flight was delayed and I got really nervous, because I had booked a show for the evening. With an hour delay we took off and I landed at City Airport at around 5.45 pm. I read half the book on the way ;) I took the DLR out of the airport and then a taxi to the hotel. There was a beautiful sunset on the way, but I didn’t have time. I checked in, ate dinner in like a minute, got changed and headed to the theatre.
This evening it was time for The Phantom of the Opera, I was really excited to finally see it, because I love the songs. You can read my musical review here: Phantom Review

Trafalgar Square
On Saturday I got ready, had breakfast at Café Nero and then headed down to Trafalgar Square, from there I took a walk down to the water and then back up to the Mall and The Horse Guards Parade. That was by small bit of sightseeing this time. Afterwards I went into Waterstones Trafalgar Square for a while. I bought a lovely book bag, one Julie Cohen book (wanted to buy them for a while) and the Secret Garden colouring book, thanks Alba for mentioning this wonderful book. The journey took me to the shops and stores around Covent Garden. And guess what, I didn’t buy anything. I was exhausted after walking around for three hours. I went back to the hotel, had lunch and took a nap.
In the afternoon I went to Foyles, an awesome bookstore ;) Then to Regent Street and Carnaby Street, didn’t buy anything
Waterstones Goodies <3 
again! My journey took me back to a bookstore, it was another Waterstones, the one close to Piccadilly Circus. I spent forever in there, it was great that they have their own Romantic Fiction section. In Waterstones I met the lovely Sophie from Reviewed the Book. We went to get something to drinks and sat down at Piccadilly Circus. We chatted for about 2 hours. It was so great meeting her and getting to know her better and I was glad I met someone before meeting everybody the day after.
In the evening I went to see another show, it was Les Mis this time, my fave and I was excited to see Carrie Hope Fletcher live on stage, read my review here: Les Mis Review

The night was short and confusing, since I didn’t know whether my phone would put the time forward automatically. I got ready in the morning packed and checked out, then I headed down to Waterstones Piccadilly to meet the lovely Laura from Little Northern Soul We went for a walk and chatted about books, blogging and more. It was wonderful. When we went back to Waterstones, there were already some of the fab bloggers waiting there. I said hi to everyone and felt welcome immediately, we all looked around and tried to put the person together with her Twitter profile pic. At 12 the shop opened and we headed to the 5th floor for our afternoon tea
with Louise during Afternoon Tea
party. That’s when I finally met the amazing Rebecca Raisin. She is such a wonderful and caring lady, so blessed to call her my friend. We sat down for lunch and I had the pleasure of sitting at a table with Louise, Charlotte, Sharon, Candy and Paris. It was wonderful chatting to these gorgeous ladies. Rebecca joined us as well and after a while we were all moving around a bit. Rebecca also held her little speech, so emotional.
I enjoyed talking to both Sheerie and Dawn as well, we didn’t really have the chance to talk that much though, the same with Katey, but they are all so nice. I enjoyed meeting my Twitter friends in real life.
Then I also had a lovely chat with Jo, my fellow Beta Bae and Tyler Seguin lover ;)
with Jo, the Tyler Seguin fans have finally met ;)
After a while Karen Aldous arrived as well. She’s another Carina UK author and I just love love her books. I have a special connection to her second story, because it is set in Switzerland. It was so lovely getting to know her better.
I had a small little present for both fab author ladies and I’ so glad they liked it.
The group got smaller, so we were all able to sit at one table, which also gave me the chance to talk to Kirsty (Ginger Cat), Tay, Rebecca and Rachel. Katey was there as well, unfortunately I didnt have the chance to talk to her and some others, a reason to come back soon ;). We had so much fun, also with our little photo session. Unfortunately it was time for me to leave after that. I got Rebecca and Karen to sign the papers I prepared and I laminated them to keep them nice and safe, they are up in my room now.

A huge thank you to Rebecca first of all, for this cute goodie bag with some wonderful and thoughtful pressies insight, love them and of course a big thank you for the invite. It was awesome to meet you in person after chatting on Twitter and Facebook for so long. You are an incredible woman and I’m grateful to call you my friend, thanks for everything, LOVE YOU!!! Hope to meet again one day.

With the amazing Rebecca Raisin, LOVE YOU!!!
Something to remember this wonderful afternoon, these will have a special place in my room
So lovely pressies <3 
Then I’d like to thank the wonderful Karen Aldous, I’m so happy we got to meet and chat, you’re wonderful!! Really hope we can meet again when I come back to the UK or when you come to Switzerland.

With the wonderful Karen Aldous <3 
Thanks for this and everything else <3
And last but not least, it was fantastic meeting all these fab bloggers this weekend. You’re all great and I enjoyed getting to know you guys better. I really hope I can come back soon, so we can chat some more! Oh and you guys are all very welcome to visit my in Switzerland ;) See you on Twitter for now.

Candy, me and Louise

Candy, Paris, me and Louise
My plane home was delayed again, because of wind and the flight was really shaky, I was happy when I landed in Zurich. 

As most of you already know, I'm going to Florida. My journey will start tomorrow and I'll stay until April 25th. I won't be blogging in these 2 1/2, there will be be some prescheduled blog posts up, mostly cover reveals or blog tours. I'll be tweeting about them and I'll be online on FB and Twitter from time to time with some traveling updates. Have a fab time lovelies, will miss you, xxx. 


  1. I love the Watersones in Piccadilly I always spend an age in there, I will definitely be on the look out for the colouring book you bought, I've never seen that before. Phantom of the Opera is my favourite show, I've seen it 3 times now, but I'm yet to see Les Mis! Hope you enjoyed London, I live in the North of England so usually visit London once a year. Really enjoyed your post.

    Angelica x

    1. The coloring book is awesome! Phantom is great and Les Mis is really worth seeing ;) I really enjoyed my trip x

  2. Dear Simona, I'm so glad you had such a good time when you visited London. It was so good to meet you in real life. I was so honoured that Rebecca Raisin had invited me to the afternoon tea and that I could meet so many lovely twitter ladies who enjoyed similar books as I do. It sounds as if you filled every single moment on your trip. I'm sorry not to have spent more time with you, perhaps another time?!?!?! Xxxx

    1. Hey honey!
      It was so great meeting you, another time definitely, will let you know when I come over again! Or you could come to Switzerland ;) xxx