Saturday, 21 March 2015

My Bookmark Collection

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Since I have started my blog I have read lots of books and I have also started collecting bookmarks. I love bookmarks, they are each special and unique and since I have a big collection now, I thought I'd share it with you guys.

This bookmark was a present from my mum. I love it and it's different from the usual ones. First of all the material, but also the way it works. I really love this one, because it's very pretty and it doesn't damage the pages. 

The next set is a collection of vintage bookmarks. I received from the lovely Suze.Paris is a wonderful city and great to have parts of it on a bookmark.

And here is another series of vintage bookmarks. I got this from Suze as well, thanks sweetie. On these bookmarks you can see London, Paris, Rome and some other beautiful places in this world, just awesome and I have to say I use the London ones a lot, because I just love this city ;)

Thank you Hilary Grossman for these personalized bookmarks. I love them!!!

Here we have the London connection again! BIG BEN is in the house!!! <3

This bookmark was in my copy of The Fault in Our Stars, a great little present at the end of the book, made my day.  

And more London, thank you Suze! <3

Pretty, lively, colorful, sweet!!!

Additions in book post and I just love using them as bookmarks ;)

These bookmarks here have a special meaning to me. They were all presents from some lovely blogger friends. Thanks ladies - Isa, Jess, Suze, Clare and Louise xxx

Little magnetic bookmarks. Small but very handy and full of pretty details.

Presents from bookstores or friends. 

The beach and a book - just perfect. These are actually cards, but I love using them as my bookmarks. 

Pretty owls.  

And here we have a bookish inspired one, so pretty, one of my faves.


Lovely Paris inspired bookmarks in magnet style.

This is my new favourite <3. It was a present from my wonderful friend Maryline. LOVE THE BOOKMARK AND LOVE YOU HUN.

I got this bookmark in the Ninja Book Swap, love it!


  1. I have so many bookmarks as well, I have collected them since I was little. I especially love your vintage bookmarks and the definition of a book bookmark. I often collect bookmarks when I visit different countryside areas as they usually have beautiful scenic images on. Angelica x

    1. Oh, that's nice! It's also a great memory xx

  2. what an amazing collection! I am so happy to be part of it!