Friday, 3 October 2014

Book of the Month - September

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The books I read this month:

-       Hopelessly Devoted To You – by Jill Steeples 4/5
-       Bad Bridesmaid – by Portia MacIntosh 3/5
-       And The Earth Moved – by Zanna Mackenzie  BETA
-       Everything Changes But You – by Jennifer Joyce 4/5
-       What Were You Expecting? – by Katy Regnery 4.5/5
-       The Story of Us – by Ellen Faith 4/5

I have to say that this month I didn’t really feel I’ve read an amazing book. I also didn’t have that much time to read, my list is usually longer, but with teaching and the performances I was really busy. As you can see I haven’t rated one book with a 5, so the winner is:

What Were You Expecting? – Katy Regnery

The bit on the back:

Nils Lindstrom and Maggie Campbell have been circling each other for years. A strong attraction simmers between them, and their hearts beat only for each other. But a tragic secret keeps them apart.

Out of the blue, Maggie learns her U.S. visa has expired and she’ll be deported. Nils offers marriage under the guise of a favor, but only if they can just remain friends. Despite the whisperings of his heart, falling in love again is a risk he won’t take. Yet, regardless of how it begins, marriage can take on a life of its own—and true love is more powerful than either Maggie or Nils ever expected.

My opinion:

Katy Regnery is an amazing author, always creating wonderful stories in great surroundings. Nils and Maggie are made for each other, but they can’t be honest to each other about their feelings, I loved following their story and finally getting an insight to their journey of love. I’ve heard so many great things about them in the previous Heart of Montana books, that I was sure this story was going to be magical. And it was…

Katy on Twitter: @KatyRegnery


  1. It's too bad you didn't manage to read a 5 star book, I will keep my fingers crossed for you that October will be better... xx

    1. This month was weird, I also didn't really have time to read. I'm sure October will be better ;) xxx