Saturday, 25 October 2014

Books I Would Like To Live In by Jo Hurst

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I would like to thank Simona for giving me a chance to do this guest post.  When she sent the tweet asking about books we would like to live, I immediately thought oh I know what I can write about.  Once I sat down to write I thought, oh no this isn’t that easy, so you will have to bear with me haha.

I would love to be in any of Holly Martins books as she creates such wonderful characters, I must single out The Guestbook as this was really well written but also sounded absolutely lovely place to visit.

Where else would I like to live, well I would love to live in Dallas with Aven Ellis’s Dallas demons heros, Nate being a particular favourite of mine, I would love to be able to go and watch a Ice Hockey game and cheer on someone I loved playing the game.

If I was to go on holiday in a book it would be with Eve from Travel2gether, Eve is the main character in Elaine Spires Singles Holiday books, in these books I have been to Antigua (gorgeous sounding place), India sounds amazing but I’m not really sure I would like to visit and in the Christmas edition Elaine takes you to Essex.

There are so many other books I would like to live in but I’m sure you don’t want to here me going on about them.

Jo xx

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