Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Why do you Clare of A Book and Tea, read? by Clare from A Book And Tea

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Hey lovely readers

It's time for the next guest post. The wonderful Clare agreed to write a guest post for me, thank you so much beautiful, that means a lot, xxx.

You'll find her blog here: A Book And Tea
And now enjoy :)


Why do you Clare of A Book and Tea, read? 

I know this topic seems quite boring and simple when you look at it, but to me it's packed full of emotion.

I, like every other person on the planet started reading books with my Mum and Nan. You know the scene, just about to go to bed and it's time for a bedtime story. I'd get tucked into bed and given my teddy Fluff-a-lump and told 'it's time for a bedtime story'. My Mum or Nan would start the story and I'd fall asleep and this would make me feel so content and calm.

As I got older I always noticed my Nan had a book in her hands 24/7 and I'd be curious as to

why she did. When she told me she read for enjoyment and how you could escape into different lands and go on adventures I was like 'I want that'. After that we always used to go to the library on a near daily basis and do you know what? I absolutely loved it. The feeling of having a book in your hands and thinking 'wow, I'm excited to read this' is overwhelming and filled me with glee.

I used to read a lot up until High School and for some reason I didn't have the same motivation when I was told I had to read. Don't get wrong I loved reading Of Mice and Me and Shakespeare,  but being told you have to read this by a certain date or told your work wasn't always right made me lose the passion. My Nan noticed I wasn't too keen or eager anymore and in a sense slapped me to get me back on track and as they say the rest is history.

Now I'm at the age of 26 all I do is read, read and read some more!  I absolutely love it and when I have children I'll definitely pass it onto them - I want bookworm children. I'm a great big fantasist and living in my imagination is the best thing. I struggle with being an adult so reading definitely calms me down. 

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