Thursday, 3 July 2014

Rebecca Raisin on her little world she created in Ashford

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Welcome to Ashford, our quaint little town in Connecticut. It’s spring, and the air is scented with all manner of flowers that shop owners lovingly tend to on the sidewalks. We’re a tight knit community, and band together to make our town as pretty as can be. It’s not easy to make a living here, so we try, by every means possible, to make it a place you’ll want to return to again and again.
You might have met Lil and CeeCee from The Gingerbread Café? Our Lil will ply you with sweet treats, and hand you a mug of gingerbread coffee so as to make you feel at home as soon as you step into her café. CeeCee, her best friend and mother-figure, will have you laughing in no time with her hilarious southern one-liners, and no-nonsense attitude. She’s the best pie maker going ‘round, and if you’re lucky there’ll be a slice waiting for you. Make sure you get a double helping of the Chantilly cream to go with it.
If you’re there early, you might meet Damon, owner of the small goods shop across the way, who also happens to be the love of Lil’s life…but I can’t say too much about that now, ‘else I’ll spoil things.
We have everything you need here, if only you’ll stop to look. Missy from the Sassy Salon will most likely come click-clacking down the street any moment. She’ll fluff her auburn curls, and order a helping of chocolate truffles, before lavishing praise on the girls, and strutting back to her shop.
Don’t forget to stop in at The Bookshop on the Corner, and meet Sarah. She’s as sweet and as whimsical as the fairy tales she sells. With one up and down look at you, she’ll know exactly what kind of book you’re after. Folks ‘round here got all sorts of quirks like that. That’s what makes this town so special.
Walt and Janey sell furniture upcycled from the wood of old boats. Walt says his furniture tells a story, it’s seen more of this world of ours than I ever will. Be sure to stop in and say hi, Walt’s had a hard time of things of late, what with Janey being sick an’ all.
Take your time, look around, we’ll be right here when you need us.

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