Saturday, 21 June 2014

My Favourite Book Covers

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Aven Ellis – Connectivity and Waiting For Prince Harry


      Connectivity: This cover shows how much one colour can achieve in a book cover. The purple is perfect and sets the book in an amazing atmosphere. The black silhouettes oft he couple and London makes this cover complete and so beautiful. I love London and the couple in this story is wonderful. 


      Waiting For Prince Harry: AWESOME!!! The flag looks 
      great and I love how it melts into the skyline of Dallas. The silhouettes oft he hockey player and the girl are perfect. And once again the colours make the covers magical and fit perfectly together.

Hannah Beckerman – The Dead Wife’s Handbook

WOW  This cover is so beautiful. The way the hair oft he woman takes in the cover is great. The colour is perfect. The birds and flowers are included in a wonderful way and the title is written in such a stunning font. This is a cover to actually hold in your hands to appreciate the whole beauty.

Paige Toon – Johnny’s Girl and Thirteen Weddings

I love all the Paige Toon covers, they’re full of creativity and passion, I decided to show you two.

-       Johnny’s Girl: The colour of this cover is great and I like the whole atmosphere of this cover. Johnny and Meg in the middle and some awesome details.

      Thirteen Weddings: This is Paige’s newest novel and I instantly fell in love with the cover, when I first saw it. The colours fit perfectly together and all the details were included so carefully, I ADORE it!  The hearts are adorable.

Lori Nelson Spielman - The Life List

So stunning!!! The tree with all the little elements, which are part of the story, the colour is so shiny and bright, love it.

Sarra Manning - It Felt Like A Kiss

Beautiful, catchy, romantic… And London in the background. It was love at first sight ;)

Miranda Dickinson – When I Fall I  Love

Paris, the Eiffel Tour, the surroundings… Just amazing and the great font makes it complete.

Rowan Coleman – The Memory Book

Perfectly describes the title and story, the colours are beautiful and it’s simple and made with so much love.

Holly Martin – The Guestbook and One Hundred Proposals

The Guestbook: It’s absolutely gorgeous. The couple in the middle is so adorable and then there’s the beautiful pink/red part, the flowers and this magnificent background – WOW

One Hundred Proposals: This cover is just perfection, I love the setting and it's perfect for the story. The colours are amazing and the create a magical atmosphere. There are so many beautiful details in this cover, I'm in love!!! It's absolutely STUNNING and GORGEOUS!!!

Alexandra Potter – The Love Detective

Girly, catchy, just gorgeous. The word “love” is highlighted with so much cleverness 

Lucy Robinson – The Unfinished Symphony Of You and Me

Simple, but so AWESOME!!! The centre picture is perfect, I love music anyway, so…
What a brilliant idea 

Lindsey Kelk – What A Girl Wants

This cover is gorgeous!! Girly, fun, bubbly… A real eye-catcher 

Kristina O’ Grady – Debutantes Don’t Date

A great cover with lovely London in the background. The leaves and that lamp fit perfectly, as well as the whole red part. The colours are beautiful.

Jenny Hale – Love Me For Me

This cover is stunning! The colours fit perfectly, the couple with the balloons is adorable  It’s romantic, girly and refreshing!!!

Rebecca Raisin – The Bookshop on the Corner and Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Café

The Bookshop on the Corner: This cover is just absolutely stunning!!! So gorgeous, what the perfect color combinations and so many cute details. I fell in love with it instantly 

Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Café: Isn't it just beautiful? I love the background and I think it fits perfectly to the title of the book.

Giovanna Fletcher – You're The One That I Want

I love everything about this cover. It's full of gorgeous details and it shows what the story is about. I love the colours and the melt into each other perfectly. It's even more breath taking when you hold an actual copy in your hands 

Ali Harris – Written in the Stars

Just beautiful. Simple, but with a big meaning.

Carmel Harrington – The Life You Left

I'm usually not a big fan of covers with areal person or a photo, but this one is stunning. I love the combination of the colours and everything fits so perfectly together. The atmosphere and the surroundings of this cover are just amazing.

Anouska Knight – A Part of Me

The skyline in the background is done beautifully. The tree is full of details and the title of the book is included in a great way. 

Did you spot some of your favourite covers as well? Tell me about your faves!

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