Saturday, 9 February 2019

My Moving Process

I promised you post about moving (out), so here we go.

When moving out for the first time and finally living at home you have to think about a lot of things. Here is what I did. 

Before moving:

Of course I was looking for apartments and when I saw the one I have now, I immediately fell in love. There is a reason why I waited for so long. Rents are really expensive in my area and I wanted a big enough apartment for all my things, it wasn't easy. It also meant that I was able to save a lot of money for furiture and other things. Anyway I applied for it and the day after I had the approval, I went furniture shopping. Well, actually I just wanted to have a look and ended up buying some things already. During the summer a lot of furniture stores in the area had sales, so everything was a lot cheaper. With the outline of the apartment I went to the stores and decided to get a sofa, bed, wardrobe, table and carpet immediately. After a while and going to other furiniture stores I added other things like a chair, a cupboard for the entrance as well as the bedroom, plus things for the loving room. On top of that I also saw a lot of decor things. I already decided to go with the colour blue. I went to outlet stores as well to get things like pans, plates, glasses etc. Thankfully I was also able to get things from my uncle and grandmother. I also started packing of course and that was also the chance to sort things out. I left a lot of things with my mum and dad as well, because of space. 
When moving day got closer I made a plan on what to move on which day, when the furniture people arrive etc. 


It all started with getting the key, the Friday before the actual moving day, which meant I was able to start doing things on the weekend. We started moving some boxes on the weekend and put everything in the kitchen. Since I didn't have a bed yet, I didn't sleep there in the beginning. On Monday the first furniture lot arrived and more arrived the following days. We moved more boxes and I was able to unpack them, move my clothes etc.Frommy room I also took my desk, a cupboard and a USM furniture, that had to be taken apart and moved as well. My family was helping a lot of course. At the same time I also had to start shopping for general things like toilet paper, oil, vinegar, salt, sugar, cleaning stuff etc. Unpacking all the boxes took me quite a while. Slowly I also started putting up some of the decor. Then I slept in my apartment for the first time, which was very special. I also had to inform the villiage commune. 

After moving: 

After settling in there were still a lot of things that had to be done. I only had some lights in the hallway, kitchen and bathroom, so I had to buy lamps and lights. There were also other things that I only realised I needed, after moving in. Of course that's normal, it's an ongoing process. Even now I don't have everything, which is fine. I had to change my address for several things as well. I'm now very happy with my decor and everything, I really want some pictures on the walls though, so that's the next step. 

I my nextpost I will talk more about living alone, so stay tuned. 

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