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I Knew You Were Trouble – by Paige Toon

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The blurb:

Life as the undercover daughter of a rock god isn't going to be easy. How will Jessie adjust to her old boring life again after spending her summer living it up with her dad in LA? With tough decisions ahead (and not just choosing between two hot boys), can she cope juggling her two very different lives?
Summer may be over, but Jessie's story is just beginning…

My Opinion:

You guys can’t imagine how I felt when this book arrived at my doorstep. I’ve been waiting for it since I’ve finished The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson last year.

Jessie has spent the summer with her “new” dad and rockstar Johnny Jefferson and his family. Now she’s back in England with Stu and her own bodyguard. She goes back to school, where she sees her ex-best friend Libby (who has a new best friend now, Amanda) again and also Tom. Something started between them, but without even a date, she went off for summer. She feels weird seeing him again, but the sparks are there immediately. I loved reading about how everything developed between them and Tom is really cute with her.

At school she meets Lou, she’s new and the two girls get along really well. Jessie takes Lou around and also takes her to parties. At one party she see her friend Natalie again and Tom and his friend Chris are also there, a great bunch of friends, I have to say.

Jessie struggles with being recognized and when someone slips it to the papers, it’s too much for her. When Jessie is a bit reckless and not careful enough, Johnny has enough and takes her back to LA. Jessie struggles at first, but enjoys time with her half-brothers Phoenix and Barney, and also Johnny’s wife Meg. Meg and Jessie get along really well, which made me very happy, I like them both, so I’m glad it turned out to be this way.

LA means seeing Agnes again and also her brother Jack, but Jessie is with Tom. She is really drawn to Jack though and they spend more and more time together. I don’t wanna say more here, but let’s just say Jessie has to figure out who she really loves and then make a decision. And she’s all over the place with that.

What I loved in this story was that Jessie discovered singing, I really enjoyed the scenes where she worked with Johnny and it’s so awesome to see him as her dad. It’s so sweet to see, how their relationship has grown and that Jessie feels more and more at home in LA, not just because of Johnny, but also because of Meg and the boys.

This story is truly magnetic. Jessie is a bubbly character and it’s so awesome to read her perspective, I felt like being in her head! Full of ups and downs, hilarious moments and also sad parts, the perfect mixture and so entertaining. The writing is really gripping, I couldn’t put the book down (only when I really had to), such a FABULOUS read!!!
The ending has left me quite excited of what comes next for Jessie, when Paige?! Tell me, it’s soon… ;)


My possible cast: 


Johnny: Garret Hedlund

Meg: Alona Tal



Stu: Gary Oldman

Tom: Josh Hutcherson

Jack: Matt Dallas

Paige Toon on Twitter: @PaigeToonAuthor

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