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Coming Home for Christmas – by Julia Williams

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 The blurb:

These three friends are dreading Christmas …

The perfect festive treat for fans of The Archers, Carole Matthews and Veronica Henry.

Cat needs to get off the ‘has-been’ heap and rescue her flagging TV career but the demands of her extended family are reaching fever pitch and she barely has time to breathe. Meanwhile, Pippa has got too many balls to juggle as a struggling single mum trying to hang on to her family farm. And Marianne’s marriage is looking distinctly rocky now her beloved husband’s ex is back on the scene.

Happy Christmas? Forget it.

But Christmas is a time for miracles, and when the villagers learn they must fight for what they love, it becomes clear that there is festive magic in the air.

Suddenly for Cat, Pippa and Marianne, it’s looking like it might just be a Christmas to remember …

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Coming Home For Christmas is telling the story of three women: Cat, Pippa and Marianne.

Pippa is a single mother of three, working on her farm. Her ex-husband Dan had an accident two years ago and he left her, because he wanted het to have a good life. We can read about his feelings in his diary entries, I really liked that. His kids miss him badly though and so does Pippa, but she’s with Richard now, isn’t she?!

Cat does everything for her family. Her daughter Mel had a baby and she is looking after little Lou Lou when Mel is studying. And her career?! Well, it seems to have come to a stop.

And then we have Marianne. She’s married to Gabe, they have two kids and then there is also her stepson Steven. They seem to be a happy little family, if it weren’t for Steven’s mum Eve. She’s ill and they have to look after her. On top of that she has to look after her dad, who just had a heart attack. She doesn’t like Eve staying with her family…

And then they all have to fight for their farms and the surroundings, will they have a Christmas to remember?!

I found it difficult to relate to either of these women. At the beginning it was difficult to get to know them, with them just taking turns in the story. It was a big mixture of characters, not clear who is who and who is telling the story, that was a bit of a pity. I grew closer to all of them though, really feeling for them, especially Pippa and Dan. Their story found a way into my heart and I felt the chemistry between them, I just wanted them to find a way to be together.

This is such a sweet story about friendship, family, love and hope. All three women sticking together, talking to each other and fighting together was great to read about. A lovely story with some really sweet and emotional scenes in the end.


No cast this time, because there were so many characters...

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