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Lucy in the Sky - by Paige Toon

Original Cover
My own copy

The blurb:


The frequent liar points are clocking up
and Lucy’s got choices to make...

It’s been nine years since Lucy left Australia. Nine years since she’s seen her best friend Molly, and Sam, the one-time love of her life. Now her two friends are getting married. To each other. And Lucy is on her way to Sydney for their wedding.

Life for Lucy has moved on. She’s happily settled with James, her gorgeous lawyer boyfriend, with their flat in London and her glamorous job in PR. Surely there’s no reason to expect this two-week holiday in the sun will be anything out of the ordinary?

But just before take-off, Lucy receives a text from James’ mobile. She can’t resist taking a look ... and, in one push of a button, her world comes crashing down...

My Opinion:

This book instantly takes you in. Lucy is on her way to Australia, when she discovers a message on her phone. This message changes everything. IS HER BOYFRIEND JAMES REALLY CHEATING ON HER?

The flights to Australia are the worst hours on her life. She calls James immediately, when she gets the possibility. He is denying everything and now she doesn’t know what to believe.

In Sydney Molly and Sam, her friends, pick her up. Her two best friends are getting married to each other. Sam used to be Lucy’s love of her life, does she still has feelings for him?

Then another man comes into her life, it’s Sam’s younger brother Nathan and Lucy is falling for him from the beginning. The two of them get along really well, they go surfing together, have lots of talks and they seem perfect for each other. However, nothing happens between them. There is still James and Nathan’s life is also complicated. At the wedding they have a really intense moment, they almost kiss, but the next day Lucy returns to London.

She goes back to work and tries to find out whether James is lying or not. Her thoughts though still remain with Nathan all the time.
One day, Nathan calls her and has big news: He is coming to England for work, with his work Buddy Richard (we’ll see him again in Pictures of Lily).
Lucy is really happy about that, but doesn’t want to show that to James.
She tries to be with Nathan as often as she can and as a reader I was always hoping that something is going to happen between them. It takes a really long time, though and that’s why I couldn’t put the book down.
After their, let’s call it, „snogging“, Lucy tells James everything, but he somehow wants to fight for her.
One night they go into a pub and there the truth about James comes out and Lucy’s life changes.
Nathan comes to rescue her and finally Lucy gets what she wants and she can be happy after all.

This story is so wonderful. As a reader I fell in love with Lucy and Nathan from the first moment on and was only waiting for them to be together.
They are just perfect for each other and Paige Toon’s style of writing made the story real, passionate and emotional.
An amazing debut novel that makes you want to read more of this great and talented author.


My possible cast:

Lucy: Sophia Bush

Nathan: Wade Poezyn

James: Chris Pine

Paige Toon on Twitter: @PaigeToonAuthor

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