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Johnny be Good - by Paige Toon

Original Cover
My own copy

The blurb:

If your boss was the hottest rock star on the planet, would you mix business with pleasure?

I’m Meg Stiles. This is my leaving party. And that song we’re making a mockery of? That’s written by one of the biggest rock stars in the world. And I’m moving in with him tomorrow.

Seriously! I am not even joking.

Well, maybe I’m misleading you a little bit. You see, I haven’t actually met him yet...

No, I’m not a stalker. I’m his new PA. His Personal Assistant. And I am off to La-La Land. Los Angeles. The City of Angels – whatever you want to call it – and I can’t bloody believe it!

Celebrity PA to wild boy of rock Johnny Jefferson, Meg’s glam new life in sun-drenched LA is a whirlwind of showbiz parties and backstage passes. Cool, calm Christian, in town to write his famous friend’s biography, helps keep Meg’s feet firmly on the ground. But with Johnny’s piercing green eyes and a body Brad Pitt would kill for, how long will it be before she’s swept right off them again?

My Opinion:

Johnny be Good was the second Paige Toon book I bought and started to read. The order might be a bit weird and not ideal, but as long as I am okay with it ;).

Meg is thrown into a totally different life in LA with Johnny Jefferson, the rock star, as her boss. Everything around her is so glamorous and big, parties here, gigs there...

She develops a crush on Johnny and can’t get him out of her head anymore. Johnny is just enjoying his life, being with his „girlfriend“ Serengeti and that doesn’t make it easier for Meg.
Johnnys’s best mate Christian comes to see him and the two of them get along very well.
Meg doesn’t talk about her feelings to anyone, not her best friend Bess in England, not Kitty her PA colleague, not Rosa the cook. However, Rosa realises that Meg might have feelings for him.

When Johnny needs a short break, they are off to Big Sur and that’s when Meg finally sees another side of him. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last long. He is the same old rock star back in LA. When she goes on tour with him, everything gets worse and Johnny is a real mess. Meg wants to help him so badly and she takes him away from all the stress, the drugs, the alcohol and the parties.
That’s when finally the two oft hem get closer and follow their feelings. Johnny being Johnny wants to go back to LA after that and ignores what happened between them. Sometimes you can, however see his jealousy. Meg knows that he is not good for her, but there’s always a little hope, isn’t there? Meg is confused, she is close to him one minute, and the other minute he is cold and ignorant. She can’t bear with it anymore and goes back to England.

Christian comes back into her life there, they move in together and after a while they become more than friends. However, Johnny is still in her mind and he even comes to visit her/them and wants her to be with him. She can’t stop her feelings for one last time, but then he is gone...
Christian is still there ...

The book was a wonderful read. I couldn’t put it down, because I got so hooked. I could really dive into the story and feel Meg’s emotions. I was so happy to see that there is a sequel to the story: Baby be Mine.

That will also be my next review... ;)


My possible cast:

Meg: Alona Tal

Johnny: Garrett Hedlund

Christian: Ben Barnes

Serengeti: Annalynne McCord

Kitty: Laura Breckenridge

Paige Toon on Twitter: @PaigeToonAuthor

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