Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Book of the Month - July

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The books I read this month:

-      The Forgotten Guide to Happiness –by Sophie Jenkins 3/5
-      A Summer Scandal– by Kat French  5/5
-      One in a Million – by Lindsey Kelk 5/5
-      Somewhere Beyond the Sea –by Miranda Dickinson 5/5
-      The Book Ninja –Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus 3/5
-      Happily Never After –by Emma Robinson 4.5/5
-      My Very Italian Holiday –by Sue Roberts 3/5

Two of these books really stood out to me: 

One in A Million – Lindsey Kelk

The bit on the back:

Everyone wants that special someone….

Annie Higgins has given up on love: she’s too busy trying to get her tiny business off the ground. Infuriated by the advertising agency across the hall making fun of her job, Annie accepts their crazy challenge – to make a random stranger Instagram-famous in just thirty days.

And even when they choose Dr Samuel Page PhD, historian and hater of social media, as her target, Annie’s determined to win the bet – whether Sam likes it or not.

But getting to know Sam means getting to know more about herself. And before the thirty days are out, Annie has to make a decision about what’s really important…

Funny, real and heart-meltingly romantic, Annie and Sam’s story is My Fair Lady for the social media age – and the perfect feel-good read.

My opinion:

Lindsey Kelk's writing is absosultey hilarious, romantic, passionte and just fantastic. She really understands how to engage a reader. 11 out of 10 points for this book for sure!!!!!BRILLIANT!!!

Full review:

Lindsey Kelk on Twitter: @LindseyKelk

Somewhere Beyond the Sea – Miranda Dickinson

The bit on the back:

Can you fall in love with someone before you’ve even met?
Seren MacArthur is living a life she never intended. Trying to save the Cornish seaside business her late father built – while grieving for his loss – she has put her own dreams on hold and is struggling. Until she discovers a half-finished seaglass star on her favourite beach during an early morning walk. When she completes the star, she sets into motion a chain of events that will steal her heart and challenge everything she believes.
Jack Dixon is trying to secure a better life for daughter Nessie and himself. Left a widower and homeless when his wife died, he’s just about keeping their heads above water. Finding seaglass stars completed on Gwithian beach is a bright spark that slowly rekindles his hope.
Seren and Jack are searching for their missing pieces. But when they meet in real life, it’s on the opposing sides of a battle. Jack is managing the redevelopment of a local landmark, and Seren is leading the community campaign to save it.
Both have reason to fight – Seren for the cause her father believed in, Jack for his livelihood. But only one can win. With so much at stake, will they ever find what they are really looking for?
Miranda Dickinson's Somewhere Beyond the Sea is a sparkling tale of love, life and finding magic where you least expect it.

My opinion:

The setting is magnificent, Miranda Dickinson’s descriptions are on point, I felt like being there with the characters. The book is about love, hope, loss, grief, friendship and much more. Miranda Dickinson put a lot of passion and love into it and I really hope we will see these characters again. 

Miranda Dickinson on Twitter: @wurdsmyth

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