Tuesday, 26 June 2018

2018 Favourites - January to June

It's Favorites time again!!!

At the moment I really love water with either fruit, herbs or vegetables in. It gives the water a fresh and exciting taste. My fave combination is cucumber, lime and peppermint. 

Another year, another Tarte palette. I have wanted this one for a really long time. The colours are perfect!!!

I know, they were in my last favorites, but I just LOVE them!

After coming back from San Fran, I started rematching Charmed and it's still one of my faves, I adore it! Seeing all the SF places now, is very special as well. Season 6 is still the best, what do you think?!

Next up, we have some lipsticks. The first one is a chubby stick from Clinique. It's called "two ton tomato". I usually wear it everyday, because it just helps bring out my natural lip color. 
The other two are from MAC, called "Lustering" (pink) and "See Sheer". Both colours are just great!

One of two Coach bags. This is a little one in light blue. Perfect for a night out. 

This one is bigger and you can even make it more bigger. The red is fab and it fits so many things!
I bought both bags at an outlet store, where they usually have a very different selection to the actual store. 

In my city we are organizing a big choir night. 3 1 choirs will participate and sing in the old town. I will be with two choirs. To raise some money for it, we have these blue bands with the website on it. I wear it everyday and you can also use it as a hairband. 

Last but not least, we have hand lettering. I have this book to practice in and bought lots of pens for it. I write down quotes and other things. I'm not very good at it, but it's so much fun and very relaxing. 

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