Saturday, 10 March 2018

11 Tips for Newbie Bloggers

Last Tuesday I published a post about the mistakes I made when I started blogging, so this time I'll share some tips for new bloggers out there. 

1. Choose you blog name carefully and connect all your social media channels and your email address to it. This will make a lot of things easier. You are recognizable through all channels, everyone will find you and it's your brand. Find a blog name, which is connected to you and your blog. Think of the banner as well, it's what people see first. 
2. Find a suitable design for your blog, make it easy to handle and connect it to your blog name and the things you blog about. 
3. Write like you talk. It's your blog and your style. Blogging is representing your personality, so show it in your writing. People want to see the real YOU. 
4. Show your personality. This is obviously connected to point 3. Make it personal and link it to yourself. It's your opinions and likes that matter. 
5. Edit your posts. You don't want too many mistakes or typos in your posts, always re-read them, before you press publish. 
6. Quality before quantity. It's not about publishing as many posts as possible, readers will stick with you, when they like your style. Focus in the posts you are happy about, work on them and don't just write something that isn't even important to you. 
7. Interact with the blogging community. The blogging community is great, I have made a lot friends and they are all so supportive. 
8. Write unique content. It will stick out and make people curious. 
9. Be active on social media. Share your posts, share your passion, your hobbies and talk to others. 
10. Make it a passion. Write about your favourite things and things you are passionate about. You need to enjoy what you do. 
11. Reply to comments. It brings you closer to your readers and they really appreciate it. 

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