Tuesday, 1 August 2017

My reverse bucket list

I found this idea on Holly’s blog: Golly Miss Holly

It’s basically a list of things you have already achieved and are proud of. We always talk about the things we want to do, some we may never be able to do, so I thought celebrating things you’ve done already is a really nice idea.

I graduated from uni with a Bachelor of Arts in Primary Education – That happened three years ago and I’m still loving my job! It was quiet a rocky way until I was finally able to hold me diploma. After high school I had a huge list of possible subjects to study. Then I did an internship at an international school and that was one oft he best things to ever happen to me! I knew I wanted to be a teacher. However, I thought that I’d prefer the little kids, so I went for the kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade diploma at first. After three semesters I had enough and switched. Turns out I actually love teaching 5th and 6th grade. I cried a lot before I did the change, because I didn’t want to lose one whole year of studying, but now it’s really the best decision I ever made.

I travelled to the States all by myself – I have been to the States before with my family, but last year I decided to travel solo. I have only been to Florida before and I just wanted to discover some other areas in the country. I booked a trip to New York, Dallas and Chicago. New York and Chicago because I always wanted to go there and Dallas, because my lovely friend Wendy lives there and I’m a big fan of the Dallas Stars. So there were four flights in total and I actually quiet like flying. I think the thing that freaking my out the most was getting through immigration alone and finding my way to the hotel. It all worked out find in the end. I even got lost in Brooklyn once, but all in all it was an incredible trip full of highlights. Solo traveling is actually not that bad and you meet lots of people on the way.

I have an English C2 Proficiency diploma and a French DALF C1 – So, most of you guys know that German is my mother tongue, so I first learned French at school, followed by English. I really like languages, so I always really enjoyed studying for them. After high school I lived in Vancouver for a while and did my C2 diploma there. It basically means that I’m mother tongue level and I’m really proud of that. I think I even speak more English than German and  my blog is in English too. Getting that French diploma was a bit harder, but I had to do it for uni to be able to teach French. The exam was a lot harder than the English one and I didn’t pass the first time, so when I passed the second time I was really happy!

Language stay in Vancouver / language stay in Montpellier – Tying in with the last point are my language stays. I lived in Vancouver for about half a year to study for my C2 diploma. It was my first time on a long haul flight all by myself and staying in a big city like that. I still think back to this amazing experience, because Vancouver has been fabulous. In 2012 I then went to Montpellier for 6 weeks to study French, also an experience I wouldn’t want to miss.

Learning to play the piano – I have always wanted to play the piano, so I was really excited when my parents signed my up for lessons. I changed my teacher in between and I had some ups and downs, but I’m happy I stuck with it. I stopped when I was 17. I took it up again at uni, because it was required for being able to teach music. Then I finally learned how to accompany songs. I love playing the piano and singing, I still do it, it relaxes me.

Singing in a choir – I took up singing lessons at high school and sang in a choir there. I was even part of a musical. After high school I wanted to continue, so I joined my mum’s choir and then also my uni choir and I took up singing lessons as well. I love singing in a group and I’m still in the choir now. I’m not someone who really really wants to sing a solo, so a choir is perfect for me.

Joining the committee of my choir – I joined the committee of my choir last year. I write the program, deal with the printing and the media. It’s a lot of work, but the other members of the committee are really nice and getting praise for my work just feels great.

My London adventures – London is my second home, I go at least once a year, sometimes more. The city is amazing and there so many things to do. Musicals, book events, discovering the city, meeting friends etc. I’m so happy I found a place like this!

My blog / Instagram – Basically everything connected to my blog, I’m really proud of! It’s still just a hobby, but it’s so much fun and I have met some great people through this!

What awesome things are on your reverse bucket list so far? 

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