Saturday, 30 January 2016

My Travel Bucket List

Last week I did my London  Bucket List and since we are on it I though I will continue it and cover the whole world. There are other fab places of course, but these were the ones that came to mind first.

-       New York: My dream city to visit! I mean Broadway, Empire State, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller, shopping and so much more... AND: I’m going to NYC in April, so excited already!!!

-       Boston, Washington DC: Two US cities I would really like to visit, I can’t really explain why though ;)

-       California, Las Vegas: A big dream! Traveling around in that area, seeing some awesome cities and national parks!

-       Dallas: A wonderful and amazing lady I met through blogging lives in Dallas, so I badley wanna meet and visit her. Plus the Dallas Stars... especially Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn ;) AND: After New York, I’m also going to Dallas, I think I will only believe it when I’m finally there.

-       Chicago: Another city I will visit this April! I’ve heard so many great things about this city and seen so many awesome pictures, can’t wait!

-       Bahamas: Beautiful water, beaches, island, sunshine, sunshine, PARADISE!

-       Australia: SO many of my friends, former class or uni mates went to Australia to learn English. I mean it’s a great one; beaches, awesome cities, amazing landscape and much more.

-       Singapore: On the way to Australia right?! ;) This ist he first Asian city I would love to see.

-       Bali/Thailand: Have you seen pictures these beautiful countries?! Just the area down there must be a paradise.

-       South Africa: Capetown <3 Great city, beach, mountains, animals... To see part of Africa once would really be a dream come true.

-       Iceland: The nature up there must be bearth-taking. And they have the Northern Lights and I really wanna see them.

-       Lappland: I’m not a big fan of the cold and winter, but I still wanna see this country. The Northern Lights and just the landscape and animals in the snow.

-       Sweden/Norway/Finnland: I’ve been in Stockholm and I loved the city, but I would love to see more of the country and of Norway too. The landscape is breath-taking.

-       Barcelona, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Talliin, Oslo, Prague:  Some European cities I really wanna see.

-       Cannes, Nizza, Monaco: Just because ;)

-       Santorini: Santorini always looks so beautiful on pictures. The white houses, the blue roofes, the sea etc. Plus I’ve never been in Greece so here we go.

-       Stonehenge: My dad still claims that I’ve been there when I was a child. My mum says no ;) So I definitely wanna to go there!

What is on your travel Bucket List?
If you guys have any tips for New York, Dallas or Chicago please let me know ;) xxx

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