About Me

Welcome to Sky's Book Corner. 

My name is Simona and I am from Switzerland.

I'm a 27 year old primary school teacher and I work at a bilingual school teaching Maths, German, French, Art, English and Drama for several grades. 

I love reading ever since I had the first Harry Potter book in my hands. I adored it instantly and my passion for reading started. I didn't like reading before and J.K. Rowling found a few to change this for me. I really liked fantasy books, but my passion now are Chick-Lit/Woman's Fiction, New Adult and (Contemporary) Romance books, but I also like Contemporary, Young Adult and Fantasy books. I'm still a little Potterhead though, that hasn't changed, proud Ravenclaw by the way ;).

- Reading is dreaming with open eyes. - 

I love this quote and for me that's what reading is all about. You dive into another world and you can imagine and see the characters in your head.

I also LOVE music, singing (I'm in a choir), fashion and traveling. I also play the piano and try to write my own songs. I really feel that the lyrics can express my emotions. 
In 2010 I spent five months in Canada, Vancouver precisely. I just love this city and I miss it every day. I met great people there and a lot of new experiences. Traveling in general opens a lot of opportunities to meet new people and get to know a different culture.

Simona's Corner of Dreams developed into being more than just a book blog. I blog about Lifestyle, Traveling, Music, Fashion and Beauty as well, hence the name change ;). 

In January 2016 I started my YouTube channel "Sky's Curly YouTube Corner", you can check it out here: Sky's Curly YouTube Corner