Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Switzerland

As most of you probably know, I love in Switzerland. The country has lots to offer and so many beautiful places. I will start with my top cities to visit and make a series out of it: top lakes, mountains, views, restaurant, villages etc. 

These are my fave cities in my home country in no particular order. It's important to know that our cities are different from cities in other countries. The are to typically big town, with a downtown etc. 


Zug is my hometown. We have a population of about 30000, so it's very small, especially the you are from another country. Zug is in a great location, about 30 minutes from Zurich and the airport. It's in the centre of Central Switzerland, surrounded by mountains (not the high high ones) and it's directly by the lake. All this opes up a lot of possibilities for activities and things to do. People know each other, the old town is very cute and if you go a bit higher the view is fab! I really love this town. We also have a lot of expats and international companies. 


This city is very special to me as well, because I went to uni there for four years. It's about 30 minutes from Zug, also by a lake and even closer to the mountains. The old town is very pretty and there are so may fab places right by the lake to hang out. It's very crowed and full of tourists though, so if you ever come to Lucerne, let me be your guide ;). 


Another obvious choice ad no it's not the capital of our country. Zurich is very big and fabulous for shopping, whether it's in the Bahnhofstrasse or the Niederdörfli (old town). Zurich really has some old and hidden gems and it's also right by the lake. 


Bern is our capital! It's located by a river and the old town is just stunning. Part of it is car free ad perfect to stroll around. Right by the Aare (river) there are some cute little places and in the Rosengarten you have a great view of the city. 


Ascona is in the Italian part of our country. It has this Italian charm and is located right by the lake. The promenade there is fantastic, full of cute restaurants and bars. The buildings are so pretty, it's the perfect place to relax. 


Basel is right by the border to Germany and France. The Rhein river flows through it and the city has a lot of great restaurants. It's great for shopping and the old town is very cute. 


Lausanne is in the French speaking part of Switzerland, right by Lac Leman. Lausanne has wonderful places right by the lake, but if you want to go shopping you have to go to the upper part, where the old town is and then you have a fab view of the region and the lake. 


Geneva is also in the French speaking part, at the ad of Lac lemon. It's a very big city with lots of parks and beautiful places by the lake. In summer there are a lot of things going on and of course the shopping is good as well. You can definitely feel a French vibe in the city. 


Back to the Italian speaking part: Locarno is right next to Ascona, also by the lake. It has a great piazza, where lots of festivals are going on in the summer. The restaurants are great and the area has lots to offer. 


Aarau is a cute, little town in Northern Switzerland. It has lots of towers, old buildings, a castle and parts of the town wall. It's the perfect city to stroll around and stop for a drink. 

Of course there are lots more in our country, some of which I have visited, some not. Here are some other cities to visit: St. Gallen, Schaffhausen, Montreux, Murten etc. 

If you ever come to Switzerland, let me know, I will be your personal tour guide. 

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